Call For Submissions: CLOWNS






Crazed eyes.

Frozen false smile.

Jagged teeth.

Red nose.

Can smell your blood pulsing and the fear that has gripped your heart.


Many people are afraid of clowns. They make your skin crawl with their drawn smiles that haunt your nightmares. They appear near you, looking in your direction…watching you.


So, we write.


Write the clown that haunts you in your dreams.

Write the clown that appears on Halloween.

Write the clown that growls and bares his teeth.

Write the clown that stands and watches at midnight.

Write the clown that has already sealed his victim’s fate.

Write the clown that scares you…


Send it to us.






    1. Anyone is welcome to submit a story. We are also accepting original artwork. All people, all countries, all ages, etc. 


    1. All genres welcome! This is open to new adult stories (college age), young adult (high school age), and middle grade (middle school age) stories in ALL genres and in any time period.


    1. This will be an ebook release with the potential to be a physical book depending on the performance of the ebook. It will be published by Hocus Pocus & Co.


    1. Word count of your story should fall between 1,000 to 4,000 words (as a guideline). A little under or over is okay.


    1. Submitting a story or artwork does not guarantee you will be selected. There will only be 10-12 stories selected with 1-3 illustrations / drawings.


    1. THIS IS A PAID ANTHOLOGY. If selected, you will receive $5 US dollars via Paypal. Stories should be new (previously unpublished elsewhere).


    1. This is tentatively scheduled to be released September 3rd, 2019.


    1. All edits will be done through Google docs.


  1. Deadline for submissions is Friday the 13th of April, 2018.




    1. Write your story following the guidelines above. Your story must center around a clown in some way. This is a horror anthology but all levels of horror are welcome (not very scary to I’m-hiding-under-my-covers scary).


    1. Email it to hocuspocusco at gmail dot com. Your subject should be: CLOWNS ANTHOLOGY SUBMISSION: Your story name. Along with your finished story, please include your name, a little bit about you, your Twitter handle (if any), and any relevant information.


  1. Our team will review all submissions and get back to you. Please note that if your story is not accepted, it’s no reflection of you or your writing style. Anthologies are tough because there are so many decision factors. It not only has to fit the theme but also fit well with the other stories, and with that, there is limited space.







She loves pizza, YA, and all things weird and strange.

Jolene is the author of YA horror novel Harrowed (The Woodsview Murders #1) and Orchard Pointe. She has edited horror anthologies such as The Dark Carnival (which was an Amazon best-seller), Halloween Night: Trick or Treat, and A Pizza My Heart pizzathology.

She’s worked for several publishing houses and a literary agency and now runs her own quirky small press Hocus Pocus & Co. Say hello on Twitter – @JoleneHaley.




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