Halloween Night Submissions

In December we put out a call for submissions.


We were actively seeking short stories and illustrations that involve trick-or-treating on Halloween night for a paid anthology. The deadline was 2/28/15.

We left genre fairly open, but submissions were required to be either middle grade or young adult, with the overall feel and mood being macabre and spooky.

How many submissions did we receive?

I’m amazed and so thankful! We received over 100 story submissions and almost 50 illustration submissions. Wow! Now that is amazing! I’ve read and looked at every single one of them.  It’s clear, all of you are incredible and talented artists and authors.

How will we decide?

We will take every story and illustration into consideration. We are looking for voice, overall feel and mood, and the way it fits together with the other submissions to make a perfect, creepy, macabre anthology.

What happens next?

We will notify every single person who submitted their work, whether or not they are selected. We’ve already sent out a status update as well. If you haven’t received a follow-up email, we did not receive your submission.

And then…

  • If you are not selected, we will notify you by email and hope that you will consider submitting to us again in the future.
  • If you are selected, we will notify you by email. Details and further instructions will go from there!


Thank you again to everyone who has submitted their work to us or who is considering submitting their work.


Happy Writing,

Hocus Pocus